Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Difference Between Artists and the Rest of You

the difference between artists and what I call "regular people" 
and something that I just became acutely aware of while filling out a silly profile 
that asked my favorite music, movies, books and so forth...
"regular people" are happy enough just to "consume" what others give them, 
whether it be to listen to, 
watch or read. 
Favorite bands and music? 
Altho loving just about every genre, 
I most
 enjoy creating, playing and singing my OWN. 

Favorite movies? 

Love several types, and watching a movie is fun, 

but WOW, nothing comes close to BEING in one and being a part 

of the excitement that goes along with being involved in the making! 

Favorite books...many types, many titles...

but I've been writing my own fiction, nonfiction, poems, lyrics, articles, 


and that is where my passion lies. 


well for me just like real cooking, 

when it comes to all the afore-mentioned...

I'd rather be doing the cooking than the eating, 

the creating than the consuming, 

the feeding instead of being fed :-)

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