Friday, April 26, 2013

Realizing Dreams....

Just step into the shoes of your dreams...
Don't worry and contemplate...
Walk to the edge of the cliff and then jump...
Leap off and will...
don't be afraid
lest you hit the ground and become crushed...that won't happen...
as long as you are surrounded by friends...



In a hidden world
 of imperfect people,
the imperfect are perhaps 
the most perfect of all...

K.M.Q.F. 4/26/13

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Life progresses,
A series of daily passages,
Dawn to dawn,
Earth turning,
As well as our lives.
Water moving southward
Never to touch here again
In the same spot.
Letting it stagnate
Too long in one pool
Means the growing will stop.
New feelings, ideas
The dusky film forms
When we cease to explore,
Grow and change.
People think change is hard.
It's not.
Change is all around.
It surrounds.
It is never ending.
It can not even be halted.
So rise, greet the sun daily,
Ponder the legacies
You would like to leave others.
Then act as if you have only this day.
Follow your heart
But also your head.
Acknowledge that wee voice.
Seek out the truth.
Every good choice
Leads to ten more.
It gets easier...

-K.M.Q.F. 4/25/13


Permanent marks
Scratches on a surface
Things that can never fade
Or be taken away
Even when the tide has shifted
The wind has changed direction
And everything has evolved
to a different place
There remains the fact
That a permanent line
Was once drawn.
That will never
Go away.

-K.M.Q.F. 4/25/13

Saturday, April 20, 2013


This isn't my work, but I came across it and thought it was so very beautiful and inspirational, that I had to save it here to go back to in order to read sometimes... It's by Veronica Shoffstall...

                             After a While

                                                               After a while you learn
                                                           The subtle difference between
                                                       Holding a hand and chaining a soul
                                                 And you learn that love doesn't mean leaning
                                                 And company doesn't always mean security.

                                                              And you begin to learn
                                                          That kisses aren't contracts
                                                         And presents aren't promises
                                                    And you begin to accept your defeats
                                                   With your head up and your eyes ahead
                                                           With the grace of a woman
                                                              Not the grief of a child

                                                                    And you learn
                                                         To build all your roads on today
                                                         Because tomorrow's ground is
                                                              Too uncertain for plans
                                                              And futures have a way
                                                            Of falling down in mid flight

                                                             After a while you learn
                                                That even sunshine burns if you get too much
                                                          So you plant your own garden
                                                           And decorate your own soul
                                                                  Instead of waiting
                                                         For someone to bring you flowers

                                                                     And you learn
                                                            That you really can endure
                                                             That you are really strong
                                                           And you really do have worth
                                                                    And you learn 
                                                                     and you learn
                                                                With every good bye 
                                                                         you learn.

                                                              -Veronica A. Shoffstall

Monday, April 8, 2013

Just a "blurb"

I am very blessed to have made it to where I am...
from kinda a struggling dysfunctional person/family...
all the way to this woman who sometimes is a stranger even to me...
due to life and its circumstances, 
I've been thrown under the train so to speak at times, 
but I guess for me it was the only way to get to the other side. 
Somehow these amazing ppl have been put into my life 
starting a few years back with my friend James Balogach 
who without even trying, and using very little words, 
somehow became a voice I listened to and used to change my circumstances...
who made me believe in ME and what I
and since then, little by little
 its been ppl dropped into the mix here and there all along the way, 
who have no real idea what they mean to me, 
but sure are influences that are helping me shape my life positively. 
What's really odd though is that this isn't can be anyone...
ANYONE can change their life and their outlook, their activities, their priorities. 
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the quality of ppl whose paths cross yours, 
and to look up to those who are so worth looking up to. 
And even if your own family thinks its weird or whatever 
(because they just don't understand the point you are at in your awareness of life)...
plug on anyway. 
Pick role models 
(NOPE they are NOT just for teens and kids....adults need them too, and they don't have to be older than you, as evidenced by how much I look up to Andrew Leibenguth)...
Pick ppl to mirror who reflect the good in mankind 
and the things that make the world flourish 
with good will and humanity. 

Just a "blurb" of feelings this afternoon. Life is good :-)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Noises behind a door
Two bugs in a jar
A family looking out
At a family looking in
Thick glass
Lips move
Tears fall
Doesn't matter
What's done is done.



The agony 
like a jack O lantern,
Brains scooped out, 
writhing like soilless worms,
pain glaring like a million lights from inside, 
burning flesh,
Cold inside and out as a thousand deaths, 
then hotter than the center of a boiling pot over the fire,
Shredded and grated,
Nightmare unraveling,
Wanting to live,
Needing to die.
Misery beyond conscious ability 
to feel anything more or less,
than the stacking up of endless moments
 of never ending pain....