Thursday, September 19, 2013



I've heard many examples
of "assumptions"
..."all musicians smoke pot", not at all, probably not even a third or half...and so what if they do?
..."so-and-so was on drugs so they probably still are", many people quit and quite possibly are better people with perhaps better character than you!
..."that woman's alone so she most certainly must be lonely"...not fact she is free, strong, independent and likely happier than she's ever been before!
..."that person has had various negative problems and struggles, and they won't be dependable and aren't worthy"...untrue, people change their lives through their actions, renewed efforts, and may be the most worthwhile person you ever meet!

“Begin challenging your own assumptions. Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in awhile, or the light won't come in.”       -Alan Alda

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I Don't Need


I don't need
to be told I'm worth it anymore.
I already know that.
I don't need
someone to rescue me,
solve my problems,
find solutions for me...
I've been doing that on my own.
It just takes me a tad longer...
but I get there.
I don't need
someone to dress me up cute.
I'm quite pleased with my own style.
It's comfy.
I don't need
anyone to awaken my heart
without intentions of following through.
I don't need
to be an option
while someone else decides
if I'm worth the risk.
I am fully aware that I am.
I don't need
someone to spoil me,
or seat me in a fancy car.
The one I have is fine.
I worked for it and it's mine.
I don't need
to fear I'm not good enough.
I know that I am.
I don't need
anyone to tell me to stop talking crazy.
Another person's crazy
may be my normal.
I don't need
to explain my love of my pets,
and animals,
perhaps even to the occasional point of disarray.
Animals are better friends than most people.
They accept me as I am,
even on my worst of days.

I don't need
to compromise my values
while being told it's okay.
I outgrew that mentality years ago,
and it's not okay.
I don't need
vague answers,
confusing information,
Rather than honesty.
I don't need
to spend my time solving riddles,
and seeking clarity.
All I need
is friendship,
and unconditional love.
Because you see,
I no longer sit in the passenger seat of my life.
I'm behind my own wheel.
I may not reach destinations with the speed
some feel I should,
or pursue every goal with the immediate urgency
some believe I need to.
But I know where I'm going,
and I keep on the move,
doing not talking.
I don't need
to dress it up pretty
and tie it up with a bow.
I'd only like someone to believe in me.
Not correct me,
tell me what to,
what to believe,
or change my thinking.
That is not going to happen.