Friday, July 12, 2013


Without love and complete acceptance of each other, of human kind, in all forms...even those not in line with your own beliefs...without love between all mankind as well as animal-kind and nature, and this earth that we've been lent and trusted with...we are doomed as a small and insignificant and ignorant species on this planet.  We think we are a position to judge others.  How far from the truth!!  We only show our ignorance and stupidity when we live by these doctrines.  Let this be clear...this earth has a very delicate balance, and mankind in their so-called intelligence is destroying everything.  This is spiritual can debate all the social issues you want, and you can preach your religious scare-tactics until you are blue in the face...the truth is very basic if you clear your mind of human "scribble."  We are to take care of one another, the earth we've been trusted with, and the plants and the beasts...until we pass...not into a false hell or heaven, but into a supreme spiritual existence that our loved ones, and everyone we have ever left a positive mark upon, will always feel surrounding them. Our legacies are made now and are what we live on in....


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