Sunday, August 20, 2017


Hiding as if a criminal
Faint heart pounding
Tiny frightened rabbit.
Rhythmic knocking
Deafening noise
Go away...
Fear and guilt are present in all things
Like minerals within water
There is no filter.
I'm not well...


Saturday, August 19, 2017


An absurd viewpoint...
How important is it?
Supposed to be growth..
Instead I ponder how short life really is...
To waste smiling when you feel like killing...
To forego the most passionate experiences because someone somewhere dictates...
They can't even begin to know...
What i feel, what i want...
I don't even know myself most of the time.
I only want to be touched.
And with meaning...



We evolve,
Drifting through moments, days, weeks, years...
Flashes of light and dark.
Glimpses...going back...
Remembering the warm yellow glow...soft roar of conversation...
Watching with beating heart...smiling.
I called him most beautiful creature...turned up nose and soft curls...
Kissing in the warm summer rain in the halo of a street light...
A time in my life gone now...
But never...
no never forgotten.


Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Tired yet wired,
keepin jets fired,
somehow or no how,
too much to do now,
not enough time,
panic mode,
make a rhyme,
keep the old,
slap notes together,
light like a feather,
all day this way
but hey,
mold language like clay,
I guess what's next,
always perplexed,
eyes still open,
or closin,
I better get movin,
seven days til i'm groovin,
inside I am shakin,
my heart is quakin,
gotta get through it,
hafta go prove it,
I know I can do it,
can't back out,
wanna shout,
let me out,
sorry I said it, I am?
No I meant it,
gotta make time,
to rhyme like a chime,
write it down,
play it out,
get it ready,
kill the doubt,
build it up,
send it up,
drink it up,
the fear,
the pride,
the smiles,
tears dried,
success is comin,
no more bummin,
i'll be ok,
work on it today,
be happy tomorrow...



The world is a dangerous place, 
not only because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.
Always check the side-view mirror, 
for they are closer than they appear.


The night is an endless unraveling of midnight blue thread, 
the painful dissemblance of the day's tapestry loop by loop, 
revealing truths around you blind to the eyes in the glare of day. 
And as if attempting to flee capture by our own shadow at dusk, 
we vainly step no where as our feet sink in the hopeless muck of night, 
our minds overrun with the sadness and horror, 
hundreds of rats flowing like filthy water through a sewer. 
If we can find rest for just a moment 
while clinging to the last shard of light that disappears connecting to the first one that arrives, 
we will have remained sane for just one more day.
8/1/16 4:21am

Friday, July 28, 2017


I can only control, and am only responsible for, my own thoughts, opinions, words and actions.
I am not responsible, nor can I control, the thoughts, opinions, words and actions, or REactions, of others.
Admitting and accepting this fact can only help me. Allowing others to hurt me by what they do or do not do or say, is foolish. I don't deserve that, but it's ultimately up to me to enforce what touches me.
-K.M.Q.F. 6/29/17