Friday, March 28, 2014

Read to Me

Read to Me

Engrossed, amazed, honored...
Warm bread and peach tea...
Heart beating...anticipating...
Sweating glass...and palms
steady breathing,
this night be done,
But not prior to first shaping my thoughts.
He's always doing that you know.
I've been let in through the front door
Directly, not by way of the back.
Was given a pick and,
Sent forth into a gold mine.
His words an intricate pattern
"Slow down" I whisper, alone
Each thought, small phrase
Go back to reread...I must you know.
Oh yes I feel it...
I believe I perceive
Musings... I see now
Do I?
Perhaps my own way
Uniquely shared
That's how art is you know.
The purr of his voice
When first he read to me
Wonderment of a child,
drinking in words...emotions
Lulled only once this way
Passion dripping from every pore
"Will you read to me again?"
That's what love is you know...


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