Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I Don't Need


I don't need
to be told I'm worth it anymore.
I already know that.
I don't need
someone to rescue me,
solve my problems,
find solutions for me...
I've been doing that on my own.
It just takes me a tad longer...
but I get there.
I don't need
someone to dress me up cute.
I'm quite pleased with my own style.
It's comfy.
I don't need
anyone to awaken my heart
without intentions of following through.
I don't need
to be an option
while someone else decides
if I'm worth the risk.
I am fully aware that I am.
I don't need
someone to spoil me,
or seat me in a fancy car.
The one I have is fine.
I worked for it and it's mine.
I don't need
to fear I'm not good enough.
I know that I am.
I don't need
anyone to tell me to stop talking crazy.
Another person's crazy
may be my normal.
I don't need
to explain my love of my pets,
and animals,
perhaps even to the occasional point of disarray.
Animals are better friends than most people.
They accept me as I am,
even on my worst of days.

I don't need
to compromise my values
while being told it's okay.
I outgrew that mentality years ago,
and it's not okay.
I don't need
vague answers,
confusing information,
Rather than honesty.
I don't need
to spend my time solving riddles,
and seeking clarity.
All I need
is friendship,
and unconditional love.
Because you see,
I no longer sit in the passenger seat of my life.
I'm behind my own wheel.
I may not reach destinations with the speed
some feel I should,
or pursue every goal with the immediate urgency
some believe I need to.
But I know where I'm going,
and I keep on the move,
doing not talking.
I don't need
to dress it up pretty
and tie it up with a bow.
I'd only like someone to believe in me.
Not correct me,
tell me what to,
what to believe,
or change my thinking.
That is not going to happen.


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