Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Encouraging Young Talent

I don't EVER wanna hold my talented little boy back the way I was held back...
told my talents were "Good n nice" 
but not a real means of anything. 
Even if they never make me money, 
they make me something MUCH more valuable...
pride, joy, happiness, excitement....
the feeling of my heart pounding with joy abt something I LOVE! 
So if he wants to do drums (which he does) I will make it possible. 
If he 
wants to try guitar as well, I will not hold him back and say he must focus on just one thing.

 And if he wants to learn Ukulele, by george, I'll make that happen too.

 As long as he remembers that his education is also important, 

I will be the Mommy who stands in front of him to pull him along, 

the mommy who pushes from behind, 

the mommy who ALWAYS says 

"You CAN do anything you want!"...

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