Friday, July 28, 2017


I can only control, and am only responsible for, my own thoughts, opinions, words and actions.
I am not responsible, nor can I control, the thoughts, opinions, words and actions, or REactions, of others.
Admitting and accepting this fact can only help me. Allowing others to hurt me by what they do or do not do or say, is foolish. I don't deserve that, but it's ultimately up to me to enforce what touches me.
-K.M.Q.F. 6/29/17


What People Don't Want to Hear
I say what I mean and I mean what I say.
I may even say things you don't like,
that you disagree with,
or that make you angry.
I don't care
I'll still say it.
No one will ever separate me from my own truth again.
I say what I'll do and I do what I say.
If I'm not going to do something,
I wont bother saying I will.
Empty intent angers me.
I don't speak
Without meaning.
No one around me
will ever take more from me than they give again.


Your hand fits in mine
like its made just for me
In the lock of my heart
You're the only fit key
My forehead goes nice
In the crook of your neck
And our lips pair just right
When I give you a peck
There's a spot to the side
Of your shoulder and chest
Where my ear likes to hear
Your heart's beat when we rest
From our heads to our hands
Bodies length to our feet
Every part like a puzzle
Pieces perfectly meet
Our thoughts even do it
I read you, you read me
In the lock of my heart
You're the only fit key...