Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Doing Things For the FIRST TIME

When's the last time you ever did something for THE FIRST TIME??

Some ppl NEVER do things "for the first time"...
sadly, that used to be me as well...
but not anymore! 
I try to do things "for the first time" ALL the time now...
it's like a way of life thats necessary for my happiness,
 in fact its almost lik
e some sort of "drive"....

gee let's see ..

just in the last 6 mo. all for the first time, 

I've become a volunteer, 

talked on the radio, 

become an art n crafts teacher, 

grown new vegetables and herbs and used them all, 

been done up in extreme make-up and acted in a real movie, 

done 2 recorded video interview programs, 

met and spoke to celebrities, 

read poetry and sang and played guitar on stage in front of an audience, 

made new recipes, 

performed more skilled nursing procedures,

and for the very first time since the age of eighteen

I'm totally out of any relationship or even dating scenario!

I'm 100% just ME...and loving it!

 geez I'm sure I've missed something. Life is great :-)

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