Friday, March 28, 2014

Falling in Love

Falling in love
is not about losing your footing,
tripping and landing topsy-turvy at some destination labeled as such,
where you see all there is
and forever will be and abide from then on,
in a happy place. 
Falling in love
is a process of powerless moments
when your heart makes decisions your soul stamps with approval.
It is believing each day you have fallen so completely,
only to find yourself plunging deeper all over again
with some new thought,
word or glance.
Its thinking,
"I was sure I'd fallen, but perhaps not,
because its at this moment I am TRULY falling in love!"

...and that moment keeps repeating every day...


I love you TJ Chinaski

Read to Me

Read to Me

Engrossed, amazed, honored...
Warm bread and peach tea...
Heart beating...anticipating...
Sweating glass...and palms
steady breathing,
this night be done,
But not prior to first shaping my thoughts.
He's always doing that you know.
I've been let in through the front door
Directly, not by way of the back.
Was given a pick and,
Sent forth into a gold mine.
His words an intricate pattern
"Slow down" I whisper, alone
Each thought, small phrase
Go back to reread...I must you know.
Oh yes I feel it...
I believe I perceive
Musings... I see now
Do I?
Perhaps my own way
Uniquely shared
That's how art is you know.
The purr of his voice
When first he read to me
Wonderment of a child,
drinking in words...emotions
Lulled only once this way
Passion dripping from every pore
"Will you read to me again?"
That's what love is you know...


Friday, March 21, 2014

Only in This Love...

The beautiful exchange of lovemaking between two people, so widely abused and wildly misunderstood ...looked upon as a destination... a goal to reach in which every word, action and thought along the way, is intended to move toward. An act anticipated with eagerness and once experienced almost always some degree of disappointing. It is often the same routine whether old or new love...those moments of deep sharing have their sacredness stolen because those sharing are only doing so on one plane...just one physical dimension of their being, and with perhaps only one thing in mind.
But this exchange is meant to be precious. It isn't an activity in and of itself and all about only the minutes spent involved at the height. It is designed to be a culmination...a crescendo mid symphony, where all the music combined and throughout, is equally valuable. It is meant to compliment ...not complete. After the journey of dropping walls has long begun, and two people have felt the rumble in their hearts and minds...the vibrations of one another, the trust, the realization that they have born to each other their naked souls...only then will that most delicate of sensual exchanges, be what its meant to be. It becomes a so many, many before it, only words replace with touch. It isn't shy, yet it is hesitant. Time is of essence and not spent like winnings, but rather dropped coin by coin ever so slowly, a gentle dance of love...held in one anothers palms like a trembling newly hatched bird. The windows to the souls...the eyes...are kept connected, and there is only deeper sharing of what is already known.
I believe that in this light...and only in this this precious collection of moments, capable of being what nature intended...and what two souls will never tire of or take for granted...only in this love.



Missing someone...
I didn't feel so very captive to a feeling...
but loving it just the same.
Missing someone so badly...
wanting them with me each and every moment...
schoolgirl stuff
Is it wrong to be in love?
To want someone there with their warmth
and love...
And missing as well
someone whose presence I will never feel again
but who I feel every day
all around me.
A connection I can't explain.
I so wish that two most special people in my life
could be together
to talk.
It would be then,
that heaven would be realized.


Thursday, March 6, 2014


Creative juices flowing
Ideas rapidly thickening 
as though a plot,
but wanting to keep this one simple.
Its good that canvas was buy one get one free, 
as painting number two 
is already taking shape 
in my imagination.
So typical of me to have more than one,
sometimes two or three
sets of tracks
rambling through my brain.
Not unlike the night I sat writing
two separate songs
at the same exact time.
Pondering my ideas for "The Embrace"
I smile...
He always picks me clear off the floor
each time we meet again....