Friday, April 18, 2014


  On a mildly peculiar train of thought I've been on, I got to thinking how much I believe increasingly, that we all may have destinies. Well, perhaps not "written in stone" destinies that occur no matter how we seek to block them, but just the same, destinies, that this wonderful universe we live in, steers us toward...sometimes ever so subtly, or perhaps more aggressively. Sometimes this "track" is established early on in life as we move toward goals, but being human as we are, and notorious for interfering in our own good, sometimes it takes a "round about" route.
    I keep thinking of a skipping record for some reason, with the universe's wish for all human beings (as well as all creatures) to be happy and achieve a state of peace and satisfaction. The "skipping record" concept, I believe, is present for us all. It is evident in the way that we sometimes continue repeating the same mistakes until finally the lesson is learned. 
    This "skipping record" concept though, has become very apparent to me, in the culmination of seemingly small instances, that passed by me nearly unnoticed, but in retrospect, were clearly being shown as a path that I believe my higher power was mapping for me...trying to steer me toward. 
    When I was a little girl, I remember my dad always placing a penny or two on the cartridge that holds the needle at the end of the tone arm. It sometimes assisted in keeping the "needle" in the "groove" in order to maintain a continuem of the music. I think we need to sometimes place those pennies straighten out our thinking, our lives.
    I am entertaining these realizations at this time, because it seems somewhat surreal to me, how very much my "placement of pennies" has helped me see my road to happiness more clearly. I can "see" the "skipping" of the record now looking back. I am suddenly aware of the fact that there has been a force at work in my call it what you desire to, and so will I...none of us really knows. 
    Two years ago I was put into closer contact with someone I'd heard of, but in no way knew. Through an which was shown to me as a way to expand my horizons, have some fun, enjoy my newfound freedom. Fleeting thoughts of admiration.
    Skipping record...association with a friend of a friend...on two seperate later leading to more contact.
    Of all the people I come into contact with in this town of myriad strangers to me...why these?
    Meeting people you really don't know at all...but suddenly in the midst of things...all making sense.
    The universe is a strange thing indeed. Finding the greatest gift on earth, besides the health of my family...a "skipping record" that repeated over and over in subtle ways, until some blatent sign just had to present itself (because I am somewhat thick-headed)and I now realize that my universe has a distinct desire to make all beings happy and it did me...and we all but need to be receptive...

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Sleepy smiles and morning kisses; 
I remember
the first time,
bringing it like a warm sweet drug,
A cup hot to touch...
A hug warm and happy...
Eyes looking at you
whispering love,
as lips say thank you
And hands reach out.
Brought not due to requirement
but due to want...
Not every morning the sun will shine.
We will get rained on.
It happens...
But no matter what any day brings,
Or how any night unravels
in good or bad;
No matter if there's ever
a quarrel,
or mistaken hurt feeling...
I will always bring that hot cup
Every morning I wake
and you're beside me...
A symbol of my love,
and of bright new mornings,
a vow...
Like old people never going to bed angry,
And never withholding "I love you"
A promise of always...