Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Just sitting here pondering over the array of reactions I've been getting past 2 months concerning my zombie role in a movie...
from uproarious laughter 
to wide-eyed gazes, 
to outspoken rejections and opinions 
to really weird "OMG" faces. 
I especially find it interesting and just a little baffling
 that some people who otherwise appreciate the arts, 
seem to be at odds with this particular role. 

 its a      ROLE. 

I'm not worshipping the devil,

 dabbling on the darkside, 

abandoning my faith in the higher power of my understanding...

and I'm not going to chase you down the street and try to eat your brain lol. 

Nor am I a "zombie-freak." 

I am so excited about what I'm doing! 

Its fun and exciting, and its about the transformation with the art of make-up, the art of story-telling and the visual arts of film. 

Its about letting your wilder, crazier inner personality have an outlet that it seldom if ever gets. 

Its about getting a taste of the ins and out of indie film-making, and being part of a team of dedicated people.

 Its about a lot of hard work and a lot of fun, 

and about the pride and joy of seeing it come together with success and be talked about by venues of importance.

I understand this is not what you are accustomed to seeing from me, 

and maybe its unsettling. 

I'm sorry...

no, I'm not sorry, but I apologize, if it is offensive to any family or friends. 

I am going to continue doing what makes me happy, excited and fulfilled...

I may very well continue in the visual arts, and I DEF am going to continue all my writing and singing and guitar playing, and my interest in teaching the arts to children, and so on!! 


because the way I was living before, "inside the box" so to speak, and governed by others 

was offensive to ME...

and thats not me anymore. 

I don't have my balance in life even NEAR all ironed out yet, 

but my heart swells knowing and FEELING that I am finally on the right track.

 Thank you for all the family and friends who support all my endeavors present and future. 

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