Friday, June 28, 2013

In My Mind

And there he was,
my friend, 
scrambling like a school boy,
 trying to both drive, 
pull into the lot,
and haphazardly light candles.
A delicious box,
four cupcakes
graced with white candles.
I could hear music
meant for me to hear, 
but the breeze was so great.
Opening my door
to his presence 
as he stooped, 
palm outward, presenting me.
Choking just a tad
oh emotion
didn't matter what it meant
or how it played out. 
Singing the beginning 
of the birthday song...
for me.
He said it wasn't what his vision was...
it didn't play out
as planned.
Didn't matter to me at all.
In my mind...
there was no trying to drive,
no wind.
There was someone,
a friend,
a man,
who yes, I care for...

In my mind
he pulled in like a rock star,
a tad on an angle,
windows down,
"In Da Club" resonating...
Happy Birthday...
jumping out
four cupcakes ablaze
like the fire
in my heart
at that moment.
Palm out
Stepping out
hearing Happy Birthday
a tune...
No matter what the reality appeared...
it really appeared
in my heart...
so special...
in my mind...


Wednesday, June 26, 2013



Warm night,
moist air,
heavy with the thought
of such a simple thing,
it hangs near the roadway 
like mist,
clusters of anticipation
just to see someone,
to feel a hug,
nestle my face for an instant
in the warmth
only found there.
The car slices through the fog
as we go;
happy chatter,
my heart racing nearer as we get.
casual touch...

He tells me later in passing,
he could see my very heart
pounding through my shirt...
a metaphor,
but just the same...
he was correct...


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Half way,
half world,
not all there
not ready,
but heart invested...
at least SOME.
I'm hiding me;
please dont see...
can't live up...
(what I feel)
dumb I know
cuz if its true...
me n you...
I already know
and feel
you would grab my wrist...
even if it hurt like hell,
and drag me thru.,...
thru fire and brimstone...
thats what i get
from what you say
but its so juxtaposed...
you might hate me...
maybe others too...
but gotta say...
you aren't my enemy
in fact
I think I might love you! Someone plz save me from this dive into a lake...
one that could drown me...
or give me life.....


Saturday, June 15, 2013



peering at a photo...
long time passed...
little girl...
missing you...
face close to mine
still feel your warm breath
on my cheek
light scent of bath bubbles
mom reads a story
but its you I await
itchy robe...
curlers hurting
(mom loves curls)
you nestle my head
in the pillow
taking pain away
"close your eyes"
I do....
wish you were here still today
to nestle away
my pain...


Friday, June 14, 2013


Honesty so intense 
that you feel both naked in a crowd 
and yet clothed within your own heart, 
protected from the deceit that is all around... 
Conversation so light 
yet heavy, 
that you are left clinging to words, 
like raindrops 
on leaf edges fighting gravity, 
and smiling as the hours 
pass into the new day...


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Switching Gears

Climbing higher
falling deep
sweet denial
losing sleep
waiting, wondering
questions asked
answers hidden
fading fast
music playing
rhymes abound
happy feelings
happy sounds
subjects covered
secrets out
but not the one
need know about
wanting you
wanting me
 no one says it
let it be
rising tide
drowning then
dying inside
hearing something
stinging word
feeling dead from
what I heard
losing losing
no I cant
grateful, honest, 
truth at last
empty feeling
sick inside
damaged heart
damaged pride
then you touch me
in your way
only words
what you say
rescue me
talk me down
hold me closer
kiss my frown
cant deny this
power inside
electric energy
desire abide
maybe different
still the same
 flooding passion
but different game
all for nothing
definitely not
feelings unwasted
nothing forgot
only tomorrow
and days ahead
defines the choice
or feathers the bed
Last night found us
switching gears
tomorrow  smiles
will conquer tears...



My heart's been 
both broken,
yet fed from the same source, 
with love and growth.
Life and relationships,
indeed an evolution, 
a continuing circle of relevance, 
a journey not to be taken lightly, 
but to be respected in full semblance of time...
not to be continually questioned, 
yet at some times necessary to be done.
Pain and pleasure walk together its true...
but I believe we have passed the apastron of our path 
and there is only one direction remaining to go...
toward wherever 

fate carries us...


Monday, June 10, 2013

The Heart Beats...

My heart
like the tightly closed flower
so long...
awaiting him.
who makes me smile
not only outside,
upward turned lips,
but inside.
His touch
soft and hesitant
knocking at the door to my heart
which like a stone
became hard
but will find a way
to enter like a quiet butterfly
approaching from the air
like a breath
brushing gently against me
waking me to him
drawing me out
and into him
calming me
like gentle summer rain
soaking us
like rose petals
lips passing over me
pulling me like a rising tide.
He is patient
He awaits
like warm Spring sun
as the flower that is my heart
slowly unfurls.
I will feel
like a pulse
each grain of sand
being added to eternal beaches
as its worn off my heart
by his touch.
The passion, 
As soon as his lips will touch mine 
And his hands will play upon me,
on my skin, my hair,
guiding my face and mouth
to his own,
It will grow
from a drop of dew
to an ocean 
All of me aching for him; 
Making me without any will
Just wanting him.
The shudder of joy... 
Our passion burning me blind
touching with such dexterity 
tremendous sensuality
for a moment nothings real
except to feel his desire 
Taking me as part of him
Demanding and responding
his way 
Waves of pleasure splashing
Into my very soul 
No one will ever do it so right 
Till his soft open lips 
arouse mine.
Only then
will the flower be open
bendind toward,
and facing the sun unafraid.
And my inward and outward smile
will belong to him....