Friday, November 11, 2011

From the Other Side...2008

You came now
                     I know not why
             while my days are confused
                 my nights tortured
                and my heart seeks hope
                       and refuge.
               On these days coming
                   the wind will whip,
                      storms will rage,
                   and I know I will fear.
              but I can feel and know
                        you are there
                    under the same sky
                      the same stars.
             I can look to the sun by day
                   the moon by night
                 and feel you touch me
                      in my misery
                 comforting my soul.
              I know that it WILL be
                just as it is tonight
                   in my dark hours;
                  Where you are
                  the sun has risen
                  the world hasnt ended,
                 and I feel hope
                   for my morning to dawn
                  I can know the light will come
                       after the dark
                      and arrive here as well.
                    I see him already
                         waving sadly from the other side
                      of the glass
                     dividing our lives
                     water droplets like rain
                    trickling down like our tears
                     as I turn away
                  The pain is too much
                  I must bury the past.
                  My life must thrive
                           and will.
                    The sun will rise here
                      as it has there
                 and the crow who came tonight
                   will pull away
                      the cloak of darkness
                    that is the night of my life,
                and will allow the light to filter in
                 for us to bask in the present
-Kathleen Marie Quinn-Farber

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