Friday, June 27, 2014

To Miss You

To Miss You

To miss you
It doesn't begin in days
or even hours...
It begins the moment we part,
watching you walk away,
and wanting to dart up behind you
for just one more squeeze and smile.
To miss you
isn't for reasons you may think,
but for the reasons you don't realize
mean so much;
the way you pick me clear off the floor
when we meet;
how you clear wisps of hair from my temple
and touch me gently while i'm driving
the way you always plant soft kisses
on my forehead;
the way you call me beautiful
even when I'm sure I look my worst;
how you hug me from behind
when i'm doing dishes;
the way you press me to you
when we kiss;
how one hand touches me softly
even when you are busy with something else.
To miss you
is to miss your smile,
that funny way you flip your tongue at me
like a little frog,
how you catch my eyes across a room,
how I melt like warm chocolate
into you.
To miss you
is all the things once read about
in stories and romantic pictures,
but never knew for myself.
It's the joy of being a couple
and knowing we are part of
one another.
It's the anticipation of seeing you
and feeling my heart pound
and my tummy flutter.
To miss you
is love...


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