Friday, March 25, 2016


And so the tests of love go on. 
Tests, always tests. 
And always for me it seems. 
Forever dodging and forging. 
Nothing ever stays simple for me. 
Never easy. 
No matter how basic I try to go 
or how I attempt to keep it...
always something. 
Even in supposed perfection there are those areas that demand flaws. 
In the pit of my tummy 
and in my silly lovetorn heart, 
fear rumbles...bile...
threatening to spew. 
The test of love being in all the tightness of my clutches, 
can I set the bird free. 
Not only release him 
but even send him off with kisses and fanfare...
because that would be what's right for him. 
The shell ive fortified long ago to house my lifeless heart, 
will remain awaiting its return. 
In tears and agony I can go on. 
Perhaps i should have known what foolish game I played...

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