Friday, March 25, 2016


And then it happens...
that moment when you fold;
You've worn out your tough mask...
Worn during this stronghold.
You've displaced many bricks...
In your "nothing can touch me" wall.
Determined to take or give nothing,
Now giving completely all.
First an opening where love could peek in,
Then allowing him to pull you through.
Now here he is...this creature,
of the most fascinating, beautiful hue.
Who's so very much more passionate
In so very many more ways
Then you'd ever imagined a man to be,
On the strings of your heart he plays.
His mind, his soul, his body...
A man able to stir in your heart
every single emotion that lies there
both together or when apart.
Who can probe your mind, make you think about things
In a way you've never before.
He can coax a smile when your mood is low.
He is able to unlock your door.
But he can also entice you
into a moment of frustrated rage
with word, opinion or attitude.
Then just as quickly turn your page.
He can caress the depths of your soul
With a simple smile and touch.
You'd never have ever believed tis true
How you could love someone so much.
He will focus with stubborn intent
on whatever task he's involved...
and even your presence oblivious to,
until the problem resolved.
But just like that, he circles back,
reassuring in his love.
You fit heart to heart in a precious hug
like a hand fits into a glove.
That moment you fold, confess your need,
with emotion that makes you weep...
You tell him you can't ever let him go,
and this love is one you must keep.
Then with a kiss to your forehead, 
with eyes gazing  into your own,
He tells you his love will always be strong,
His devotion to you he's shown.
And later alone, quiet, tender time
when your deepest love you share,
As he holds you breathless you truly know
he's your water, earth, fire and air...

-Kathleen M Quinn-Farber

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