Saturday, May 3, 2014


Our Sense of Conscience

The human sense of conscience should be held very sacred, as well as consciously dwelled in, cultivated and fertilized frequently with mindful exercise. 
It is healthy and good conscience which guides human beings to do right, be honest and strive for better for others and themselves. The lack of conscience causes dishonesty, disregard and the following of harmful paths.
Pain is not always a bad thing. When you are told, hear, read or are indirectly shown something, and it causes that stabbing ache in your heart because you feel guilt and know you must change something in your life...that is good pain. That is good conscience and why humans possess it. That is motivation.
Therefor...premeditated guilt beforehand is conscience...guilt afterward is shame.
The job of the human conscience is to prevent the following of bad by encouraging the doing of all things only good. The conscience is the human guide. Although it may hurt sometimes, learn to listen...


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