Saturday, May 3, 2014


Anger is an extremely strong and complex beast. 
It is also very tangible in that although it can be hidden or denied for some length of time, its existance is not reduced. Its shape and shell are merely temporarily colored. 
It is often fueled by pain and fear, and grows layers upon itself...layers of resentment, as the beast lies in wait to be unleashed, and enjoys devouring your peace during the interim. 
The animal always shows itself eventually. It is in fact a necessity that it does. To stay buried is to allow an aggressive cancer to take harbor in your give permission for your own life to be increasingly poisoned.
Unfortunately in our society, expression of anger is frowned upon. It makes others overbearingly uncomfortable. No one likes hearing it vocalized or seeing it manifested in writing, and they certainly do not wish to see it physically exhibited. 
Yet anger is as natural an emotion as any other. And it is a major one. And it must be expressed then let go.
It is easy to judge someone else's angry feelings...even easier to judge someones expression of them. 
But every individual is first of all, very different in how they process their feelings of anger, hurt, fear and resentment. 
Most people have "knee-jerk" reactions to it instantaneous vocal backlash or impulsive physical reaction. 
But many of us strive to be strong and positive in the face of what angers us. We put it to the side in order to focus on the immediately at hand.
 It sits on our back burner...and do not be sits there bubbling. 
In the end it must come out. 
Often it exhibits in some uncharacteristic manner that has a few moments of shock value. 
Its the nature of the beast. 
AS LONG AS NO ONE IS HARMED, it remains merely the expression of intense anger. It feels different and is dealt with differently by every person. The process might appear confusing and slightly mad to onlookers. 
Even so... No one should be judged for that...

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