Saturday, May 3, 2014


                                                                    TOGETHER NOW

Through so many storms
Wind, rain
Lightening and thunder
Like cars in a pile-up
Juxtaposed segments of my heart
Scattering...always scattering
Here to there
My soul unwinding
Ball of yarn
Spool of thread
Tangled life
How it was...
Then I found you
Always there
So close
Two people slipping past
One another
Each encased
Fog of our own
Just a glimpse
But never a thought
We didn't know
Words exchanged
Not strangers
But neither friends
Only connections
Subtle messages
Something spoke
Some voice inside
Say it
Be a fool
Take the chance being vain
Fib to yourself
if you must
Reach out
And the fog cleared away
Something happened
A feeling
Though quite impossible
My soul like a ship
To your soul a harbor
And the circle of your arms
Our kinship
How did it take so long
Yet tumble so swiftly
My heart into your hands
Yours into mine
A knowing
Ive known forever
Only not knowing when
Or why now
Seems like you've always been
Just beyond my clouds
Waiting with my sun
To warm my cold
and tired life
Until that moment
And now
I cant recall 

you not being there
How odd
To once be so alone
But never lonely
And now I only want
You in my life
Because we belong here
In this journey
Together now...


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