Friday, July 12, 2013


So I've been writing poetry and lyrics, musings etc, all my life, since I could hold a pencil literally. Recently through exposure to friends in the rap/hip hop scene though, I've been trying my hand at a more "rap style" writing. Now I've ALWAYS liked rap, so long as its more clean than dirty, but even though I've always loved that rhythmic expression of thoughts and ideas, I never considered trying it. I think my first tries aren't really too fact I've been told they are kinda good :-) I'm putting them here together...

Ever wish in retrospect
that you put out your neck
and took a chance you maybe shouldn't
because you really prolly couldn't
and then you felt you realize
that if you're really very wise
that you should not regret
cuz better things are coming yet
coming if you wait
take a breath and fate
takes care of everything
under sun
for everyone
and maybe even you

Haterz be haterz
I just say
See ya laterz...
We dropped this
We got this
aint no one can ever
pop this!!

Was thinkin it was me...just me...fallin down and down...
and feelin it might be him, felt like he's about to drown.
Says i'm the one who's like a puzzle
but he's an even bigger riddle.
Thinkin I can't figure out
not seein what his hearts about
Feelin he wants just to protect me
but yet always tryin to dissect me
droppin clues like bombs on me
kinda really scarin me
When I say "Fuck Love" it makes him mad
but if I show it he's so iron-clad
Exactly who is falling here
I dont know, its so unclear
I know its something strong and sure
but i just dont know anymore
We both reach out but then recoil
yet somehow knowing we are loyal
What is this we' enough timere faithful to
a mystery maybe, and very true

I love when we talk tandemly
and you say things so randomly
you knock me out to easily
and rock my world incredibly
and all of that without the touch,
the feel,
of being next to you
The power surge electric charge
the lightening flashing hottest blue!

Tired yet wired
keepin jets fired
somehow or no how
too much to do now
not enough time
panic mode, 
make a rhyme
keep the old
slap notes together
light like a feather
all day this way, but hey
mold language like clay
I guess whats next
always perplexed
eyes still open, or closin
I better get movin
seven days til I'm groovin
inside ima shakin
my heart is quakin
gotta get through it
hafta go prove it
I know I can do it
cant back out
wanna shout
let me out
sorry I said it? I am?
no, I meant it
gotta make time
to rhyme like a chime
write it down, play it out
get it ready, kill the doubt
build it up, send it up, drink it up
the fear, the pride
the smiles, tears dried
success is comin
no more bummin
I'll be ok
work on it today
be happy tomorrow...

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