Monday, July 15, 2013


Meditation #1

Negative objects, thoughts, situations and people, are like a demon knocking on your door. When you open the door just a crack, you give it a chance to get it's foot in the door, and if you don't push it back and shut the door, negative usually does not trickle in, but instead gushes into you with force, like water pouring into a boat through a hole someone poked there...and the hole grows, and the water has the power to overcome you much faster than you can bail it out. Once you've nearly drowned you must swim to shore and collect yourself, get grounded, come full circle back to positive thinking, before you can venture out again. But like getting directly back onto a horse after you've been thrown, you also can not waste time...must not wait. For the window can close quickly trapping you in feelings of despair. This is what I've learned...and this is what I will overcome. Strength is needed to keep that door closed...even if you have to throw all your weight against it, and the weight of your family and friends, and your faith, stack it up in front of the door like hundreds of pieces of heavy furniture. But however you accomplish it, you must succeed...or the battle is lost...

Meditation #2

It's important to surround yourself with positive wholesome people ONLY...
people you never catch in untruths,
 people who you can feel the vibration of their good character from.
 Learning to develop your intuition and then trust it....
above all, if people show they are not the positive energies that you need in your life, 
you must do all you can to weed those individuals out. 
our bodies, 
souls, minds and spirits, 
are all forms of energy and vibrations...
keep them high

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