Monday, June 10, 2013

The Heart Beats...

My heart
like the tightly closed flower
so long...
awaiting him.
who makes me smile
not only outside,
upward turned lips,
but inside.
His touch
soft and hesitant
knocking at the door to my heart
which like a stone
became hard
but will find a way
to enter like a quiet butterfly
approaching from the air
like a breath
brushing gently against me
waking me to him
drawing me out
and into him
calming me
like gentle summer rain
soaking us
like rose petals
lips passing over me
pulling me like a rising tide.
He is patient
He awaits
like warm Spring sun
as the flower that is my heart
slowly unfurls.
I will feel
like a pulse
each grain of sand
being added to eternal beaches
as its worn off my heart
by his touch.
The passion, 
As soon as his lips will touch mine 
And his hands will play upon me,
on my skin, my hair,
guiding my face and mouth
to his own,
It will grow
from a drop of dew
to an ocean 
All of me aching for him; 
Making me without any will
Just wanting him.
The shudder of joy... 
Our passion burning me blind
touching with such dexterity 
tremendous sensuality
for a moment nothings real
except to feel his desire 
Taking me as part of him
Demanding and responding
his way 
Waves of pleasure splashing
Into my very soul 
No one will ever do it so right 
Till his soft open lips 
arouse mine.
Only then
will the flower be open
bendind toward,
and facing the sun unafraid.
And my inward and outward smile
will belong to him....


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