Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Switching Gears

Climbing higher
falling deep
sweet denial
losing sleep
waiting, wondering
questions asked
answers hidden
fading fast
music playing
rhymes abound
happy feelings
happy sounds
subjects covered
secrets out
but not the one
need know about
wanting you
wanting me
 no one says it
let it be
rising tide
drowning then
dying inside
hearing something
stinging word
feeling dead from
what I heard
losing losing
no I cant
grateful, honest, 
truth at last
empty feeling
sick inside
damaged heart
damaged pride
then you touch me
in your way
only words
what you say
rescue me
talk me down
hold me closer
kiss my frown
cant deny this
power inside
electric energy
desire abide
maybe different
still the same
 flooding passion
but different game
all for nothing
definitely not
feelings unwasted
nothing forgot
only tomorrow
and days ahead
defines the choice
or feathers the bed
Last night found us
switching gears
tomorrow  smiles
will conquer tears...


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