Friday, June 28, 2013

In My Mind

And there he was,
my friend, 
scrambling like a school boy,
 trying to both drive, 
pull into the lot,
and haphazardly light candles.
A delicious box,
four cupcakes
graced with white candles.
I could hear music
meant for me to hear, 
but the breeze was so great.
Opening my door
to his presence 
as he stooped, 
palm outward, presenting me.
Choking just a tad
oh emotion
didn't matter what it meant
or how it played out. 
Singing the beginning 
of the birthday song...
for me.
He said it wasn't what his vision was...
it didn't play out
as planned.
Didn't matter to me at all.
In my mind...
there was no trying to drive,
no wind.
There was someone,
a friend,
a man,
who yes, I care for...

In my mind
he pulled in like a rock star,
a tad on an angle,
windows down,
"In Da Club" resonating...
Happy Birthday...
jumping out
four cupcakes ablaze
like the fire
in my heart
at that moment.
Palm out
Stepping out
hearing Happy Birthday
a tune...
No matter what the reality appeared...
it really appeared
in my heart...
so special...
in my mind...


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