Monday, April 30, 2012


From April 2010...

Its Spring finally...a time of cleansing and renewed hope for all creatures, including the least of us...human beings.
For me it is time to reflect on who I am, what i've become, where i'm going. What have I done good...what have I done not so well with.
What are the truths I've accepted as well as denied.
The truth is not always easy to look at...but it is certainly necessary to view in order to change.
Change...usually difficult to initiate...but almost always well worth the decision to follow through with.
Today there are several people close to me, including myself, who are boarding the plane destined to change.
In this season upon us now...a season of change from dorment to alive,
hopeless to hopeful,
meloncholy to happy,
I wish for myself and all those dear to me,
and the spirit of our universe to touch us all...
and to help us see ahead to the better people
we are capable of being...
not just for ourselves,
but for the innocent young lives who depend on us for wisdom and guidance.
And let us be thankful to anyone along the way
who cares enough to gently push us on the way down our paths to change.

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