Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Meaning of Bittersweet

Bittersweet is like childhood candy,
lemon stinging, but
like sugar on tongue tip.
It's the pain of letting go
and the warmth of memories.
It's remembering a daddy,
but mourning him because he's gone.
It's loving a woman who is mom,
but realizing how different you are than the child she desired.
It's wanting to cradle a daughter once more,
while watching her cradle her own.
It's seeing a son become a man,
recalling how you once were “his girl”
and now adored in the eyes of another woman.
It's loving a little boy so very much,
then accidentally finding his first “love note” from a little girl.
It's tears for love that had to be abandoned,
yet tears for knowing that same love
gave countless, priceless gifts.
It's life with its myriads of tears, fears, pains and pitfalls,
and coming to believe how very beautiful it is
in each and every way.
That is the meaning of bittersweet.


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