Monday, January 27, 2014

Dark Fortress

Oh to lie here in the darkness
with you in my mind,
Wandering halls of a huge fortress
with so many unlit rooms.
My memories,
like old paintings on the walls,
in rooms I dare not enter.
How is it I can remember 
a circle of birds above my crib,
and footsteps in the hall,
but not the sting of first being slapped by a man?
Why do I recall
the summer sound of rope and link
clanging against the flagpole,
but not the first time being violated as a child?
The rooms are filled with blackness
that only I can illuminate,
but can't seem to light a candle.
The match burns, 
but the wick won't catch.
And moments when a flicker
 lights up from the hall,
its too painful
and dreadfully sad,
and I squeeze my eyes shut.
Shut so hard they water 
and burn
like the flame is within them.
 flames licking at my feet.
A child trying to escape.
Maybe another day...


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