Friday, June 27, 2014

Greenhouse Roof

Greenhouse Roof

It was there in the aisle, 
to the right of the Orchids, 
the left of the cacti, and
directly in front of the palms,
that a thought became clear.
As I followed on his heels,
he was pushing the clattering cart
across the concrete floor,
and I watched him look around
with boyish wonder.
There was no specific reason
for such a thought to occur.
I was not contemplating matters.
Surely it had nothing to do
with the heady feeling
of embracing in the parking lot
to share a moment kissing,
so oblivious
to anyone around.
But perhaps it may have been
how my heart leaped a bit
when he stooped to greet a small tree
as though speaking to a pet,
"Well look at YOU," he said,
and I felt the smile in my soul
reflect across my face.
Perhaps it was just the hot sun...
shining down through the greenhouse roof,
changing states of consciousness.
I only know
against that backdrop of peach and plum trees,
ceramic planters,
and so many fragrant flowers...
I realized I could easily
and contentedly
do this
with him
for the remainder of my life...


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