Friday, March 21, 2014

Only in This Love...

The beautiful exchange of lovemaking between two people, so widely abused and wildly misunderstood ...looked upon as a destination... a goal to reach in which every word, action and thought along the way, is intended to move toward. An act anticipated with eagerness and once experienced almost always some degree of disappointing. It is often the same routine whether old or new love...those moments of deep sharing have their sacredness stolen because those sharing are only doing so on one plane...just one physical dimension of their being, and with perhaps only one thing in mind.
But this exchange is meant to be precious. It isn't an activity in and of itself and all about only the minutes spent involved at the height. It is designed to be a culmination...a crescendo mid symphony, where all the music combined and throughout, is equally valuable. It is meant to compliment ...not complete. After the journey of dropping walls has long begun, and two people have felt the rumble in their hearts and minds...the vibrations of one another, the trust, the realization that they have born to each other their naked souls...only then will that most delicate of sensual exchanges, be what its meant to be. It becomes a so many, many before it, only words replace with touch. It isn't shy, yet it is hesitant. Time is of essence and not spent like winnings, but rather dropped coin by coin ever so slowly, a gentle dance of love...held in one anothers palms like a trembling newly hatched bird. The windows to the souls...the eyes...are kept connected, and there is only deeper sharing of what is already known.
I believe that in this light...and only in this this precious collection of moments, capable of being what nature intended...and what two souls will never tire of or take for granted...only in this love.


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