Friday, May 17, 2013

Second Time Around (to two girls)

You loved him,
                         you "said"
                      I loved you too...
                  (i misjudge a lot; i guess,
                      i'm easily drawn
                 to tie up my heart strings
                       with others')

                       you hurt him, 
                          and me.
                      he hurt you too.
               (i didnt know all of it; i guess,
                      i'm easily fooled
                into issues of heart-feelings
                         by others)

                        You love him,
                          I know it.
                  I'm scared to love you too...
                 (it's hard to trust; i guess,
                        but I need to,
                  even if my heart's afraid
                         of others)

                         I love you
                          you know... 
                    I hope that's safe too...
                 (I don't want to hurt i guess,
                    but we need to trust,
                even if our hearts are afraid
                         of others)

                  -Kathleen M. Quinn-Farber

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