Thursday, April 25, 2013


Life progresses,
A series of daily passages,
Dawn to dawn,
Earth turning,
As well as our lives.
Water moving southward
Never to touch here again
In the same spot.
Letting it stagnate
Too long in one pool
Means the growing will stop.
New feelings, ideas
The dusky film forms
When we cease to explore,
Grow and change.
People think change is hard.
It's not.
Change is all around.
It surrounds.
It is never ending.
It can not even be halted.
So rise, greet the sun daily,
Ponder the legacies
You would like to leave others.
Then act as if you have only this day.
Follow your heart
But also your head.
Acknowledge that wee voice.
Seek out the truth.
Every good choice
Leads to ten more.
It gets easier...

-K.M.Q.F. 4/25/13

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