Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Tired yet wired,
keepin jets fired,
somehow or no how,
too much to do now,
not enough time,
panic mode,
make a rhyme,
keep the old,
slap notes together,
light like a feather,
all day this way
but hey,
mold language like clay,
I guess what's next,
always perplexed,
eyes still open,
or closin,
I better get movin,
seven days til i'm groovin,
inside I am shakin,
my heart is quakin,
gotta get through it,
hafta go prove it,
I know I can do it,
can't back out,
wanna shout,
let me out,
sorry I said it, I am?
No I meant it,
gotta make time,
to rhyme like a chime,
write it down,
play it out,
get it ready,
kill the doubt,
build it up,
send it up,
drink it up,
the fear,
the pride,
the smiles,
tears dried,
success is comin,
no more bummin,
i'll be ok,
work on it today,
be happy tomorrow...


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