Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Sleepy smiles and morning kisses; 
I remember
the first time,
bringing it like a warm sweet drug,
A cup hot to touch...
A hug warm and happy...
Eyes looking at you
whispering love,
as lips say thank you
And hands reach out.
Brought not due to requirement
but due to want...
Not every morning the sun will shine.
We will get rained on.
It happens...
But no matter what any day brings,
Or how any night unravels
in good or bad;
No matter if there's ever
a quarrel,
or mistaken hurt feeling...
I will always bring that hot cup
Every morning I wake
and you're beside me...
A symbol of my love,
and of bright new mornings,
a vow...
Like old people never going to bed angry,
And never withholding "I love you"
A promise of always...


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